Arctic Cat ATVs, Prowlers and Wildcats get used across a wide range of temperatures and conditions and keeping their engines properly lubricated is a tough job. Arctic Cat ACX 0W-40 Synthetic is a full-synthetic engine oil that is suited for all-season use and is recommended if you’re using your Arctic Cat vehicle in cooler temperatures. ACX 15W-50 Synthetic Oil is what you need if you’re using your Arctic Cat vehicle in hotter temperatures or for competition. Both contain an advanced set of additives that protect against wear, corrosion and oxidation. Neither of these oils contains friction modifers so they are suitable for use in wet clutch applications. Arctic Cat and its lubricant partner share an open door policy when it comes to oil development and ACX oils are formulated to work specifically in Arctic Cat vehicles. No other oil can make this claim.

ACX Synthetic features:

  • Improved cold weather start-up and operation.
  • Improved performance in high ambient and operating temperatures.
  • Maintains excellent film thickness during high speed and temperature operation.
  • Balanced additive package helps prevent engine deposits, sludge formation, engine components wear and rust and corrosion.
  • Low volatility formulation reduces oil consumption and thickening.
  • Designed for wet clutch application unlike passenger car motor oils.
  • Don`t forget to follow Arctic Cat`s Lubricant maintenance recommendations to keep your ATV running in “tip-top” shape.

Synthetic ACX 4-Cycle Engine Oil extends your drain intervals so you can change oil less frequently, saving you money in the long run.