All Arctic Cat ATV, Prowler and Wildcat lubricants are wet clutch certified. In a wet clutch application the engine, clutch and transmission all share the same oil. Using automotive oil in a vehicle with a wet clutch can cause the clutch to slip or not engage properly. Automotive oils contain various friction modifiers that help engine parts move more freely and increase fuel mileage. In a wet clutch system you want lubrication but you don’t want the slippery friction modifiers they put in automotive oils because it will get in between the clutches and reduce the amount of friction which ultimately leads to clutch slippage. The same is true if the oil is not changed on a regular basis – it will break down and the wet clutches will not work properly. Changing the oil in your Arctic Cat vehicle and using ACX Synthetic insures you will get like-new performance from your ATV, Prowler or Wildcat for many years.