Arctic Cat C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil was originally formulated for use in Arctic Cat’s new 7000-series C-TEC4 1049cc 4-stroke engine. Boasting 135-horsepower, this three-cylinder engine is the highest-performing naturally-aspirated 4-stroke engine in Arctic Cat snowmobile history. In order to meet the unique lubrication needs of this new engine, Arctic Cat developed a new, full-synthetic 0W-40 engine oil – C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil. At the same time they made sure new C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil would surpass the current 4-Stroke snowmobile oil in Arctic Cat’s lubricant lineup and perform better in the turbocharged 9000 C-TEC4 and naturally-aspirated 5000 C-TEC4 engines. C-TEC4 Synthetic Oil is a multi-viscosity blend that features excellent cold flow and easy starting at extreme cold temperatures. The full-synthetic formula is highly shear-stable so it won’t break down in high heat or high load situations. It also contains a focused, advanced additive package that prevents oxidation, wear and corrosion. C-TEC4 Synthetic is the best oil choice for Arctic Cat snowmobiles powered by 4-stroke C-TEC4 engines.