C-TEC2 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

  • Premium full-synthetic base stocks
  • Arctic Cat’s easiest cold-starting 2-stroke oil
  • Only oil approved by Arctic Cat engineering for the C-TEC2 Engine
  • Approved for all Arctic Cat 2-stroke engines

Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic oil was engineered and formulated to work in the most advanced 2-stroke engine Arctic Cat has built to date, the C-TEC2.

Designed to meet stringent EPA emissions standards, this engine is ultra-efficient in both its oil and fuel use.

During its development it became clear the C-TEC2 demanded a specialized oil in order for it to operate at optimum efficiency.

Some of the engine’s unique oiling needs include:

  • An electronic oil pump is programmed to deliver oil to the engine according to RPM and altitude. As a result, the engine uses up to 50-percent less oil in certain conditions which puts a huge demand on the oil to maintain proper engine lubrication.
  • Unique engine features such as the electronic oil pump, Dual Stage Injection, slotted piston design, fuel/oil mixing process in the fuel rail and new APV exhaust valve design demanded a unique blend of additives and base stocks that previously didn’t exist.

With less oil to lubricate vital engine components combined with new technologies the decision was made to engineer and formulate an entirely new oil – C-TEC2.

What followed was over a four-year development process where engineers identified the unique oil requirements of the engine; developed a series of bench and dyno tests to evaluate engine/oil performance; and commenced an unprecedented on-snow testing program across an entire range of temperatures and elevations to perfect and validate the new C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil.

“As the engineers who developed this engine, our performance and durability demands of the oil are extremely high,” said Kim Chervestad, 2-Stroke Engineer at Arctic Cat. “This is why we say with great confidence that C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil is the only oil approved by Arctic Cat for the new C-TEC2 engine”

To top it off, Arctic Cat packaged C-TEC2 in an industry-first flexible pouch that makes for easy pouring, convenient storage and reduced waste.

Lighter Viscosity and Unique Formulation = Easy Starting

Thanks to a significantly lighter viscosity compared to Arctic Cat APV oil and aftermarket oils, C-TEC2 Synthetic delivers up to 50 percent easier starting in cold temperatures.



6639-523 55 Gallon Drum 1
6639-522 16 Gallon Drum 1
6639-521 2.5 Gallon 1
6639-520 48oz. 12

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