Foam Filter Cleaner

In order to maintain proper filter performance, Arctic Cat foam air filters should be cleaned periodically using Arctic Cat Foam Air Filter Cleaner.

  • Cleans and preserves Arctic Cat ATV filtration systems
  • Washes out dirt buildup and contaminating particles
  • Dries quick
  • Extends filter performance and lifespan

Foam Air Filter Cleaning

  • Remove the air filter assembly from the Air Box.
  • Separate the foam filter element from the frame.
  • Place the element in a pan larger than the element and spray both sides generously with cleaning solvent (AC P/N 0436-892), let sit approximately three minutes.
  • In a pan larger than the element, with a mild detergent (dish soap) and water, wash all the dirt and oil off by squeezing the element not twisting it. (Ringing out or twisting the filter can cause damage.)
  • Rinse off any remaining soap.
  • Remove any excess water from the element by matting with a towel.
  • Allow the element to dry completely.
  • Spray oil generously onto air filter and work the oil into the element.
  • Squeeze the element to remove excess oil.
  • Install the element on the frame.
  • Install the air filter assembly in the Air Box.



0436-892 12oz. 12