Mineral oil has long been the choice for both automotive and ATV engine oils. Made from crude oil through a conventional refining process, mineral oil is not as stable a lubricant as synthetic because its molecule chains are more inconsistent. Synthetic oils are “built” through a chemical and refining process to have consistent molecule chains. These identical molecule chains provide the basis for a better performing, more stable lubricant.

Another advantage of synthetics is when they are built their molecules can be constructed to cater to the needs of a specific application. In the case of Arctic Cat lubricants, they are built to meet the needs of Arctic Cat engines. Arctic Cat ACX synthetic oil is a premium formulation featuring synthetic base stocks that provide inherently better lubricity than mineral oil or lesser-quality synthetics. Its higher viscosity indexes translate into more consistent performance over a wider temperature range.

While more expensive per quart than mineral oil, synthetics require a longer change interval thanks to superior oxidation stability and low volatility. These extended drain intervals result in equal or lesser oil costs in the long run. This, combined with the focused additive protection of ACX Synthetic, insures you’re doing the most possible to protect your Arctic Cat vehicle.