WHY_ARCTICAT_FEATURETalking Oil With Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engineers

What are the different Arctic Cat 2-Stroke oils?

Arctic Cat Engineer: We offer three types of oil for two-stroke engines: Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil, the ultimate high-tech oil featuring industry-leading synthetic technology, Synthetic APV oil, the highest performance product for machines with APV electronic power valves and Formula 50 mineral oil, for non-APV engines.

Our C-TEC2 Synthetic oil can be used in any one of our two-stroke engines and it is the only oil approved for use in the new C-TEC2 engine. If you have an engine with APV valves, you should use the Synthetic APV oil to minimize deposits on the power valves and maintain the performance of the engine. It also has a low smoke and fresh scent formulation.  Formula 50 is a value-priced mineral oil for non-APV engines.

Why should sledders be concerned with deposit formations on APV valves?

Arctic Cat Engineer: Carbon and varnish deposits could cause an APV valve, or valves, to stick, usually in the up position. Once that happens, fuel mileage and engine performance decrease significantly, with decreased throttle response being one of the tell-tale signs. Any APV-equipped engine will experience some level of deposits on the valves. Period. APV oil minimizes it.

How do Arctic Cat oils differ from other brands?

Arctic Cat Engineer: Well, like I mentioned before, no other brand oil is formulated for the specific design of Arctic Cat snowmobile engines, nor are they tested in our engines. We know with certainty that Arctic Cat APV oil is the best-performing oil for Arctic Cat APV engines. We have also tested other brands in our engines and the results have shown more deposit formations on valves and unsatisfactory performance in other areas.

What about the claims some brands make about improving engine horsepower?

Arctic Cat Engineer: Absolutely not true. Believe me, if we could offer oil that delivered more horsepower without sacrificing protection, we would. Another untrue sales pitch we see is that brand X oil “will clean an engine`s exhaust valves.” Again, not true.

Arctic Cat also offers oil for its 4-stroke machines. What`s unique about it?

Arctic Cat Engineer: We offer our Synthetic C-TEC4 4-Stroke Engine Oil. These high-performance engines run at higher operating temperatures, especially the turbocharged 9000-series engine and the 7000-series engine, so they require a special oil formulation. Our 4-stroke oil is designed and tested specifically for our engines, just like our 2-stroke oils. This oil is recommended for any Arctic Cat 4-stroke snowmobile engine.